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The WDA provides a caring community that will offer each Wilson disease family information, guidance and emotional support. We are dedicated to education, advancing treatments, and finding a cure for Wilson disease. We are here to help, and you can contact us at any time. We know from our own experience what a difference being in touch with other individuals can make to each affected family. Our desire is that you will realize the impact Wilson disease can have on you and in your family.

We are not only active volunteers and believers in the programs of this organization; we are families of someone affected by Wilson disease. The WDA is much more than a website, we are a community of parents, grandparents, wives, husbands, sons, daughters, affected individuals, and extended families.

When you contact us, we will put you in touch with someone from our team who understands what you are going through. With your permission, this person will keep in regular contact with you, either by phone or email. Your WDA support volunteer will introduce you to the many different ways we can help, to the information that is available, to any special events being organized for families and to the larger WDA ‘family’.

For more information and support visit the Wilson Disease Association Support Community .

Please join us and become a partner with our many volunteers from around the world who are making a difference in the lives of those affected by Wilson disease. Together we are working towards our vision where a diagnosis means a future filled with hope and quality care. Together we are working to save lives.

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If you are a Facebook User it is easy to have a fundraiser. The Wilson Disease Association is registered with Facebook and any user can set up a fundraiser in minutes and then share it with their friends. Please tell us if you do this because Facebook keeps these fundraisers anonymous and doesn’t tell us. They send the money donated about three months after the fundraiser is over.

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Peer to Peer Fundraiser

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it’s fun. We’ll even give you all the tools you’ll need to make a difference. With your help we can ensure critical steps of our 5 year plan get completed. This fundraiser requires no parties, walks or selling anything. You just send it out to people that you know. Contact Judi Keller at [email protected] if you require further assistance with setting this up.
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The Wilson Disease Association accepts cryptocurrency donations. There are crypto currency users around the world. We hope you Tweet about this new way to donate. Crypto users tend to communicate through Twitter space and you can help them find us.

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This is an easy, safe way to donate that records your donation in our database instantly and sends a confirmation. You can make memorials or give a tribute to someone to honor them. There are limitations to our system. We record each donation and assign it to one donor. It does not send out letters or emails to multiple donors for one donation.
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Mail your check or money order to:
Wilson Disease Association
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We Are Wilsons

Share Your Story
We will be collecting patient stories and photographs to post on our website, Facebook and soon, Instagram. The Wilson Warrior stories have proven to be inspirational and we think we need a way to collect any story.

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Final Gift Plan

Consider WDA in a “Will” or Final Gift Plan
The Wilson Disease Association is 35 years old and is represented by board members from across the country and Canada. We have volunteers and partners globally and spearhead research that impacts our patients directly but affects a broader population beyond our patients. The long term importance of what the Wilson Disease Association does is limited only to the imagination because it affects generations of families around the world. Please consider the Wilson Disease Association in your will. Giving in this way is not restricted to the wealthy or a gender.

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Corporate Matches

Let us help you find employers and corporate donors to match your donation.
As a benefit to employees, many companies increase the impact of their employees’ gifts to WDA by providing matching contributions. Most corporations provide a 1:1 match; while some companies will double or even triple the matching amount to further encourage and leverage their employees’ philanthropy.

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Help us spread the word by sharing a picture of yourself holding a sign with a message that we can post on Facebook and Instagram.

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You Shop. Amazon Gives.
Shop Online and Help the WDA. When you shop online at, designate the Wilson’s Disease Association as your charity of choice and a percentage of each sale (up to 12.5%) will be donated. Retailers include CD Now, J Crew, Avon, and many others. Log on for more information!

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Your support allows the WDA to maintain this website, produce educational materials, support research, and hold meetings for people living with WD, their families, and the healthcare community.

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As a member, you have the opportunity to communicate your concerns, share your experiences, learn about the most recent advances in Wilson disease treatment and research, and contribute to important decisions that need to be made so the WDA can be a strong patient advocacy group

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